The Sudanese people like a lot the sweet taste as they include sugar in many beverages and a lot of it in their traditional desserts. Some of the most frequently met aliments in the Sudanese desserts are the eggs and dairy products, like milk or yoghurt, combined with caramel, lime juice or exotic fruits. The crème caramel is the one dessert that all women in Sudan know how to prepare. This sweet meal is also known under the name Sudanese caramel custard and it is prepared with melted butter, a lot of eggs, milk and vanilla or better yet, banana extract. A very important matter when preparing this dessert is the usage of an aluminum pan and foil. The crème caramela is garnished with maraschino or candied cherries on top and all sides. Another top dessert in Sudan is the bishbosa, which is a great alternative of the traditional cakes. Bishbosa includes coarse semolina, caster sugar, natural yoghurt, desiccated coconut, margarine or better yet, butter, lemon juice and baking powder.

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