Sudanese people love tomatoes, lentil, and veggies, but also the intense flavors, such as onion and garlic, so they use all these aliments in their traditional soups. The lentil soup is one of Sudanese’s favorite dishes. This soup is made of ads magroosh, or split red lentils, chicken or lamb stock, carrots, tomatoes, onions, olive oil , and lime juice. The veggies are all chopped into medium-size chunks and for more flavor, cumin is added in the recipe. The famous tomato soup is characteristic tofall Arabic areas and it is similar to a cream soup, very soft and fresh. Sudanese people also prepare a special garlic stock for the soups. This is mainly used in tomato soup, but also in other vegetable or meat-based soups. The stock is prepared with a lot of garlic (around 25 cloves), carrots, celery ribs, onions, turnips , and parsley. There is also the flavor enhancer bouquet garn for soups, composed of fresh rosemary, thyme , and parsley.

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