Sudanese people are big consumers of beef and lamb, but they also enjoy eating healthy and fresh food. The vegetarian meals in Sudan include beans, tomatoes, onion and different kinds of traditional breads. The fool medamas, or the flava beans are prepared with onion, tomatoes, olive oil, cumin powder, chopped parsley, lime juice and red chili pepper and they are served with the pita bread, especially as a breakfast. Pita bread is very famous in Sudan and in non vegetarian dishes, it is sometimes served with chicken mixture or with yoghurt dip or topping, but vegetarians combine it with different veggies and spices. The green hamburgers are another consistent vegetarian meal and they are very healthy, because they are made of fresh greens and beans. The falafel is called tamaaya in Sudan and it stuffed in bread, along with salad, foul, fried eggplant, potatoes, tahina salad or consumed just by itself. The green hamburgers also include dill, coriander, garlic, onion and sesame seeds.

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