Sweeteners also have called in our agent, grape material, referring to the sweet food food food additive. Generation of sugar, sugar substitutes is low caloric sweetener, often take sweetener added to the need to reduce the quantity of heat of food. In addition to pay attention to the quantity of heat, and the fat people and for patients with diabetes to sugar use.

According to the "food additive manual" description: sweetener (Sweeteners) is to point to give food or feed to sweet food additives. At present sweetener sort is more, can be divided into: according to the source can be divided into natural sweeteners and synthetic sweetener; According to its nutritional value divided into nutritional sweetener and of nonnutritive sweetener; According to the chemical structure and properties are divided into sugars and the carbohydrate sweeteners.

Glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, starch sugar, sugar and lactose material, even though is natural sweeteners, but because be edible, and for a long time is important nutrients, generally regarded as food raw material, in our country don't as food additives. Nutrition sweetener is refers to a sweetener and sucrose sweetness is at the same time, its calorific value in more than 2% of sucrose calorific value. The YingYangXing sweetener is refers to less than 2% of the calorific value of sucrose calorific value. The basic substance of sucrose is sweetness, sucrose the sweetness is 1, can get other sweeteners relative sweetness. For example, xylitol, the sweet: 1 ~ 1.4; Fructose, the sweet: 1.14 ~ 1.75; Sparta, sweet, the sweet: 200; Saccharin, the sweet: 200 ~ 700.

High strength sweetener (high intense sweetness) is mainly refers to the sweetness, less, not higher amount to give food to volume, viscosity and quality of a material, they will often and YingYangXing sweetener or capacity expansion agent mixed use. Natural the YingYangXing sweetener is valued, is the development trend of sweetener, WHO says, patients with diabetes has, above 50 million, more than a quarter of americans demand low quantity of heat food. In sugar substitutes, the United States, the main use of Sparta sweet, 90% more, and Japan's sweet chrysanthemum sugar is given priority to, the AK sugar (Ann "honey) are interested in. The three kinds of the YingYangXing sweetener in our country all can use.

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