In the Swiss cuisine you can find a large variety of appetizers. If you want a simple appetizer, you should opt for plain cheese and wine. The molted cheeses come in different tastes and flavors, depending on the kind of cheese used in the molding process, such as cow, sheep or goat cheese. For a not so complicated appetizer, you can have toasted bread with garlic, olive oil and grated cheese. You can also have the stuffed mushrooms with broad run Swiss cheese, or the broad run Swiss cheese fondue. The fondue is actually the typical appetizer in a Swiss cuisine. There are many different fondues, all based on cheese as the main ingredient, to which you can add mushrooms, onion rolls, or garlic. Wine poured in the fondue can vary as well from a regular white one, to a sophisticated zinfandel’s. The Reuben Dip or the ham and broad run Swiss cheese Spread Canape are also great choices for an appetizer. The consistency in the Swiss appetizers is one of the main characteristics in this cuisine, taking advantage of the usage of cheese in all meals.

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