In the Swiss cuisine you can find many meat-based recipes. The worldwide know schnätzlets are made form different types of meat. The veil is still the most used meat for this recipe, and is usually served with mushrooms or rosti potatoes. A fondue experience will start with the regular cheese fondue as the appetizer, but can go on to the second course, where you can have the Shrimp, veil, or ham fondue. Raw pieces of meat are served on a special platter with divisions for special dipping sauces. Using chopsticks, you fry the meat pieces by yourself, in a hot broil placed over a fondue-flamer.

Quiches can also contain different kind of meats. The most popular quiche of all is the Quiche Lorraine, which has among its ingredients special pieces of bacon.

Ham and cheese sandwiches are great as snacks in the middle of the day. Swiss people usually have meat-sandwiches when they are on the go and need something easy and fast to eat.

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