Cooking in a Swiss style means you know that cheese is the basic ingredient to almost all dishes. Of course you can choose different dishes that don’t include cheese, but as a traditional Swiss meal, cheese will definitely be involved in the cooking process. The cheese fondue is one of the most recognized dishes in the Swiss cuisine and serves as an appetizer or as a first dish in three course meal. To prepare a classic cheese fondue, you will need Swiss and gruyere cheese, dry white wine, sherry wine, a cup of flour and some garlic. You mix everything in a pot placed on fire, starting with the wine in which you slowly poor the cheese. After everything has melted inside and you obtain a liquid paste, you take the pot and place it over special fondue equipment suitable for flaming underneath it to keep the fondue liquid. You can serve it with bread cut in small squares stubbed with little chopsticks. If you like, you can add mushrooms to the recipe to add more flavors.

The quiche, which is actually a pie made of eggs and cream in a pastry crust, is another inventive Swiss dish. You can chop ingredients inside the pie, like meat, vegetables and cheese. After all the ingredients are placed inside, you can add eggs just before the quiche is baked.

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