When it comes to salads, Switzerland is the place where you can find a large variety of such dishes, most of them prepared with different molted cheeses. The Nichoise salad, the Gurkensalat, which is actually a cucumber relish salad, the Rotkraustsalt (red cabbage salad) and the Sauerkrautsalat mit schinken (sauerkraut salad with ham) are just a few of the most famous Swiss salads available in almost all restaurants.

There are salads which you can prepare at home with just lettuce leaves and the salad sauce made with special ingredients. The Gourmet salad for instance can be prepared at home with 5 egg yolks, 150g peanut and walnut oil, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, sugar and pepper and you can even ad onions and some garlic. Chicken broth, chopped basil and some vinegar are to be added for the completion of the salad. The Amish Homemade Salad can also be prepared at home, making the dressing and then pouring it over a bed of greens or lettuce.

Other Swiss salads include spinach, like the Amish spinach salad, or croutons, bacon and Roqu, like the Warm Chicory Salad. Either choice you make, you will definitely have a delicious Swiss salad.

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