Soups in the Swiss cuisine are a natural common dish, and are usually served as the first course in a three courses meal.

In the wintertime, the Swiss Bartley Soup is the best choice since it is always served hot with a little Bartley mixed with the soup vegetables, the celery root, stern cabbage and onions. Broad Run Swiss cheese Soup is another good choice. French Onion Soup is a delicious dish that actually contains onion rings and lots of Swiss cheese. You can choose to leave the cheese out of the soup to make it less thick Cheesy or creamy potato soup is another delicious choice when it comes to soups. Depending of the size of the vegetables especially the potatoes and the quantity of cheese placed inside the cooking dish, you can prepare a creamier thicker soup.

The fresh tomato soup is usually server during summertime, and is definitely a great choice either at home or at a restaurant. Other alternatives would be the sour cream soup or the spinach soup, great during spring and autumn.

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