The most common elements for an authentic Tahitian dessert are the bananas and the poe (all mashed fruits or vegetables, similar to puree). The banana poe is among the most famous exotic Polynesian desserts and it is easily prepared in half an hour. The bananas are first washed for 15 minutes, while a large banana leaf is oiled and fried and then the cooked bananas are dripped and sugar and vanilla are added and mixed together, then spread on the banana leaf. They must be cooked in the oven for almost 1 hour and after that, the coconut milk is added. The taro poe is very similar, but it also includes pineapple, manioc starch and grated coconuts. Another great dessert is made of mashed potatoes, which might seem unusual for the American and European cuisine, but the potatoes used for this are white and sweet; their flavor is also sweetened by vanilla, sugar and lukewarm water or milk. Cakes are also common (sometimes they are named bread): moist mango cake, papaya and coconut bread. Vanilla is a highly used flavor, as Tahiti is a great place where this plant grows.

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