The salads are mixtures of different vegetables, fruits and fish (halibut, snapper, tuna), without grease (only sometimes olive oil). The poisson cru is a really refreshing salad, made of fresh fish, cut in cubes and fresh vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, onions, garlic, cucumber) juice and of course, coconut milk and 8 limes. The salad has 2 variants: the Tahitian style or the Chinese one. Other common salads are the salad ruse (with pink potatoes as the main ingredient) and traditional Tahitian salad, with marinated fish and coconut slices with lemon quarters and hard cooked eggs on top. The salads are laid into glass bowls and ornamented with cucumber, carrot and different herbs. Sometimes, the salads are added sugar, but spicy green pepper and curry are also used.

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