The Taiwanese appetizers are consistent like any other meal, like the snacks. That is mainly because all the Taiwanese food is rather light and doesn’t include fat or dough, so all the meals must be full. There are both cold and hot appetizers in Taiwan and eggs are the most common aliment used for this meal. The stewed mixed Taiwanese special is a cold appetizer with long-cooked egg, thin slices of cold spiced beef, and seaweed salad, pressed tofu, similar to hard cheese, tripe, similar to pork ear and some noodles made of seaweed. The egg rolls are also very popular and they are also made of hard cooked egg.

The dumplings, Taiwan’s favorite snack are filled with almost anything, from cheese to pork, eggs and veggies. A very accessible appetizer is the steamed tofu; this plant is used for so many Taiwanese dishes, even for the dessert as pasta or for the main course, besides the meat. The steamed tofu is made of cubes which are firstly fried, then steamed and covered to soften.

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