The Japanese and the Chinese cuisine are very much felt within the Taiwanese style. Taiwan has borrowed the miso, made of soybean as a paste and the miso grilled fish, with rice and sweet sauce. The Chinese and most of the South Asian countries have quite the same cuisine rules and habits: rice as the base for almost anything, sweet and sour, exotic fruits and grilled meats.

Seafood, fish and rice are the most popular bases for the meals. Added to these, soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil give the meals that specific and traditional Taiwanese taste. Other highly consumed aliments are: chili peppers, beans, pickled radishes, parsley and peanuts. Because it is an island, Taiwan offers a wide range of seafood and fish: tuna, shrimps, grouper, sardines, squird, octopus, smelt fish, mackeral, salmon, clams, abalone, scallops or cuttlefish. The congee variations with different root vegetables are eaten with a selection of side dishes and rice. Rice can be salty or sweet, leavened or unleavened, plain white or complexly cooked.

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