The Taiwanese desserts tend to be very fluid, fresh and digestive, while dough, pies or cakes are not that general and popular in the Taiwanese traditional cuisine. The nut Chinese dessert is prepared with pie cherries in their own juice and flavored with almond extract. Because it contains no sugar, this dessert is very light and healthy and it will clean the effect of fat or rich meals. A kind of tea is also considered dessert: the bubble tea, or the aka boba milk tea, which is a mixture of milk and tapioca. The jelly is also consumed as the grass jelly (sian-chhau or the Chinese name of liang fen) and it is also popular in all the Southeast Asia. The fruits that are included in the desserts are the taros and the figs (awkeotsang). Another jelly is the o-gio-peng, made from the seeds of the fig fruit and the taro is pasted and iced for the o-a-peng dessert.

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