All Taiwanese meals are highly original and different that the western style. The Asian soups are based on a sort of meat: chicken, beef, pork, or seafood and with added vegetables, rice or noodles. The meat dishes range from the most popular seafood to chicken in soups and as grilled meal or to pork and beef as fillings. The dumplings are a both a popular snack and meal, as these can be filled with almost anything, from meat, to cheese and vegetables. There are also Taiwanese hamburgers made of pork and sausages, served sweet or with rice. They can also be part of soups, like the tangbow one, with dumplings filled with pork or shrimp. The Taiwanese desserts tend to be very fluid, fresh and digestive, while dough, pies or cakes are not so popular in the Taiwanese traditional cuisine. Jelly, taro paste and fruit salads without sugar or compotes are the most loved sweet dishes.

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