An important ingredient for the Taiwanese salads is the local cabbage. The Taiwanese cabbage is different from the usual green cabbage, as it has solid white and yellow leaves with a mild flavor and it can be eaten fresh, steamed, pan or stir fries, stuffed and pickled. the Stir fried mixed vegetables are made of dried Chinese mushrooms, carrots, sugar, pea pods and Taiwanese cabbage. The coleslaw is also using this cabbage, flavored with chopped green pepper, vinegar, caraway seeds, sugar and a special Taiwanese white dressing. Other recipes include seafood or fish in the salads: clams and oysters with lettuce and seeds, different spices and sugared sauces, typical for the Chinese cuisine.

Another kind of the Taiwanese salads might be a bit heavier than the usual meals that are because they are eaten with a lot of mayo. The fish roe is a salad made of fried and sliced fish, vegetables and drizzled with mayo.

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