Most of the Taiwanese snacks are light, as the general food. There are small food stands all over the place in Taiwan, where people grab snacks. One of the favorites is the nibblie, which is served with a variety of fried meats. The hsinchu kugwan is a popular snack, among with different omelets. Taiwan tan-tzu-mien is also served between the meals, like the wanluan and the chiayi mushrooms. The gratin is considered as a snack, as it is found in most of the coffee shops. Gratin contains rice with vegetables and chicken, seafood, beef, or pork, smothered in cheese and from the top, it looks like a pizza, but the taste differs, as this doesn’t have dough. The dumplings are another popular snack, as these can be filled with almost anything, from meat, to cheese and vegetables. They can also be part of soups, like the tangbow one, with dumplings filled with pork or shrimp.

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