It isn’t too hard to become a vegetarian in Taiwan, thanks to all the natural and healthy meals. The congee variations with different root vegetables are eaten with a selection of side dishes and rice. Rice can be salty or sweet, leavened or unleavened, plain white or complexly cooked. The fish or chicken can be removed from the salads and these would still taste good, as they are complex, with many ingredients. The variety of eatable leaves and plants, the replacement wide range of sauces that spice up any meal makes many dishes to be vegetarian. Because of all the sauces with different flavors, the food still tastes delicious even without meat. Kong xin cai is a “hollow-heart” vegetable dish, that includes fresh vegetables, especially Taiwanese lettuce. Taiwanese people are very conscious on health, and that is why they are using tonic foods, like the cereals and the veggies and tonic herbs, like the ginseng.

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