Tanzanian cuisine varies in edible plants, cereals and fruits and it is characterized by soft dishes and curried food. The most common meals from the Tanzanian diet include all the local plants and fruit: rice, wheat, corn, beans, cabbage, various nuts, bananas, mangos, pineapple and coconut, which is also consumed as milk. Meat is not so frequent, although chicken is consumed in many styles with rice or the traditional ugali and on the coastal areas; people prefer to eat fish with rice. Ugali is basically a cornmeal mush, which is made by pounding fresh corn and squeezing out the cornstarch. Depending on the region, there is light ugali made with cornmeal flour and there is a darker ugali made with millet flour, but also peanuts. The traditional Tanzanian cuisine is exotic, fresh and spiced and for the Tanzanian cooks and chefs, the most important aspect is that their food tastes fresh and natural.

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