The chapatti is served with African curries, butter, any kind of soup or stew, so it makes a great snack. The recipe includes all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour, warm water, salt and cooking oil. The corn, beans and bananas is a traditional dish which doesn’t include any animal products. The recipe includes mashed bananas, cobs of corn, coconut milk, a bunch of greens (spinach, collards, cabbage, pumpkin leaves) and green beans. A traditional Tanzanian salad is called salad va kamba na parachichi, also known as the avocado dream. The coconut bean soup is prepared with onions, green peppers, curry powder, pepper, butter, kidney beans and coconut milk. After preparing this, rice is added to the mixture and coconut is used as a topping. There is a wide range of pies, like the fruits of African pie, which is prepared with papaya, guava, apricot nectar, lemon juice, cornstarch all on a pie crust and then topped with whipped cream, coconut and peanuts.

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