Most of the salads include both fresh and boiled vegetables, sometimes mashed in a paste and they all have a vinegar dressing. A traditional Tanzanian salad is called salad va kamba na parachichi, also known as the avocado dream. The recipe is prepared with mashed avocados, mixed with rice and beans. Some salads are mixtures of different vegetables, fruits and meat, without grease (only sometimes olive oil). The Tanzanian salad is a really refreshing salad, made of fresh spinach and fresh vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions) and of course, coconut milk and lime juice. The salads are laid into glass bowls and ornamented with cucumber, carrot and different herbs. Many times, curry is added to spice up the fresh combination. There is another salad with is used as a starter to many meals and includes fresh coriander leaves, hot chili pepper, ripe tomatoes, lemon juice and virgin olive oil.

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