Many traditional types of bread and simple or fresh aliments are consumed in Tanzania as snacks. Ugali is a traditional, yet very simple dish which is served with most of the meat dishes all around Tanzania, but not only. Ugali is basically a cornmeal mush, which is made by pounding fresh corn and squeezing out the cornstarch. Ugali also has a breakfast version (used a cereal), called uji or ogi in Western Africa. The chapatti is a type of bread, prepared in West Africa, India, but also in the Swahili speaking countries. The chapatti is served with African curries, butter, any kind of soup or stew, so it makes a great snack. The recipe includes all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour, warm water, salt and cooking oil. The result is orange-sized bread which can be combined with anything. Other breads, served as snacks are the ones called maandazi (sweet fried bread), which are combined with honey, butter or fruits. Other common snacks are fruits, peanuts, sugar cane and the traditional samosas.

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