It is very easy to be a vegetarian in Tanzania The variety of eatable leaves and plants, the replacement of regular milk with coconut milk and fat with olive oil makes many dishes to be vegetarian. The corn, beans and bananas is a traditional dish which doesn’t include any animal products. The recipe includes mashed bananas, cobs of corn, coconut milk, a bunch of greens (spinach, collards, cabbage, pumpkin leaves) and green beans. The dish is also served with grilled meat in non vegetarian cases. The curried spinach and peanut butter (mchicha) is made with spinach or collards, tomatoes, onions, curry powder, regular peanut butter, coconut milk and vegetable oil. This meal is served as a side dish, but also with rice or ugali. Cabbage is one of the most consumed aliments in the Tanzanian vegetarian cuisine. It can be combined with beef stock, but the vegetarians eat the coconut cabbage, which includes spices like crushed red pepper, Bermuda onions and vegetable oil.

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