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Fundamental Thai cuisine is defined by the condiments. There are five important flavours that give Thai food its name: hot, salty, bitter, sweet and sour. The strong flavor that each one contains can frequently be found combined in the same dish.

In the south-eastern part of Asia, the most common condiment used to prepare dishes is the kaffir lime leaves (Thai ใบมะกรูด). It is usually combined with ginger and garlic and of course with chilies. In the southern most provinces of the country, Thai-Muslims will use their fingers instead of the common cutlery to eat their meals.

The west part of Thailand is very well known for its hot and spicy Thai dishes, and for the consistency of those spices in the Thai soups. The curry is very well represented in the western part of Thailand, especially served with cumin and red or green chilies.

In the northern part of Thailand salads are the most representative dish. The spicy curry sauces are also specific, even if papaya, coconut and ginger are the most commonly used condiments. But no matter where in Thailand you decide to go and have a specific meal, you will definitely find a large variety of variations and interpretations of the same recipe.

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