Fish is a basic element of the Thai cuisine, and there are special methods preparing different sort of fish dishes. The Chuu Chee Fish is a meal consisting of whole chunks of fish served in kaeng chuu chee curry sauce with lime leaves. To obtain the special receipt, you have to make the specific sauce, made from fried curry-paste and lime leaves on top of which you have to pour some coconut milk and let it simmer for a while. After about five minutes, you should add some brown sugar and let it simmer for another five minutes. At the end, add some cilantro and chopped chili peppers and pour the sauce on top of the pan-fried fish.

If you wish to serve something less spicy, we would recommend the Satay (Thai สะเต๊ะ), which basically consists of grilled chicken breast and sides of not so spicy sauces, including a sweet strong peanut sauce which originates in Indonesian cuisine. Also, if you still want something less spiced up, but strong flavored, you can have the Pad Thai (Thai ผัดไทย). It represents a mixture of rice noodles which are cooked (usually fried) in a sour fish sauce, with added sugar, lime juice or tamarind pulp. It is served with other chicken or seafood dishes that have been prepared with a specific egg sauce.

A unique sauce made only in the noth part of Thailand, is the nam prik num (น้ำพริกหนุ่ม), which is served steam vegetable, fried pork skin (Kab moo), boiled eggs.

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