Among the most frequently served Thai dishes, there are the hot sour or sweet chicken and shrimp soups, the Tom yam goong (Thai ต้มยำกุ้ง), Tom yam gai (Thai ต้มยำไก่) and the Tom kha gai (Thai ต้มข่าไก่), which has coconut flavor as well. One of the most important condiments in the Thai cuisine is the lemongrass, followed very closely by the Kaffir lime leaves, which are used in a wide range of Thai cuisine, especially notably soups.

For instance, the Khaeng Keaw Wan is a specific coconut soup with green curry and sliced meat. You need to know how to combine the milk with the brown sugar, the coriander and the lime leaves to get the perfect combination of the sauce needed for this soup. You can use mushrooms as well, preparing something a bit different, called Tom Kha Gai. The combination of sweet and sour is an intriguing experience that is specific for the Thai cuisine.

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