The “Dali Lama’s Momos” is a well known appetizer made of potatoes , olive oil, onions, mushrooms, cheese, coriander, paprika, pepper, plain flour, water and tomatoes. The preparation of this traditional Tibetan appetizer is going to take a while. First step is to boil and mash the potatoes and to cook the onions and the mushrooms. Form a mixture from water and flour until it forms smooth dough, roll it and cut it into rounds then fill them with the vegetable mixture. Next step is to boil the “momos” in water. The Tibetan “Butter Tea” is made of the following ingredients: tea leafs, cream, milk butter and salt. The tea is boiled and after that, the tea leafs are removed and the milk and the cream are being added. The salt is added only in the end. The “Barley Soup” is another great Tibetan appetizer. For its preparation, the next ingredients are needed: mushrooms, butter, soy sauce, pepper and water. First, the butter needs to be melted and after that the vegetables are added. It’s cooked at a medium heat until it softens. In the end, some soy sauce and pepper can be added.

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