The Tibetan cuisine is seasoned with garlic, ginger and onions. Soy sauce is also used in most traditional dishes. Beef, pork, lamb and chicken meat are the main ingredients for the Tibetan meat dishes. Tibet lies between India and China, that’s why the food from the western region of Tibet has Indian influences like curries and stews. The food from the eastern region of Tibet has Chinese influences, for example, the noodle dishes. The cuisine of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is combining all the traditional regional styles. The Tibetan street snacks, named “Shogok Shabril” are made of fried potatoes stuffed with beef, onions and garlic. The “Jhasha Khatsa” is made of fried chicken cubed with soy sauce, pepper and curry. The “Kathmandu Spuds” is made of rolled potatoes chunks, with sesame, chili and cilantro. The “Lephing” is an interesting bean cake with spicy soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and chili. The “Kongpo Shaptak” is a delicious traditional Tibetan meat dish. In preparing the “Kongpo Shaptak”, slim slices of beef needs to be grilled with chili, garlic, onion and blue cheese or yak cheese. In preparing the “Phagsha Tsigma”, spicy spare ribs needs to be stewed until they become tender. The delicious “Amdo Thukpa” is a delicious meat dish made of noodles with vegetables and beef. The Tibetan “Tsampa” is a tasteful course made of roasted barley served with caramel sauce and sweet cheese. The Tibetan cuisine is a healthy, consistent and flavored cuisine.

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