The “Tibetan Barley Soup” has a unique taste. The ingredients of this soup are: mushrooms, butter, soy sauce, water and pepper. The mushrooms are cut into small pieces. The butter needs to melt in a pan and the vegetables need to be stirred until they are softened.Next step is to boil them in water and to add some soy sauce. When the soup is ready it should have a golden sheen on the surface. The Tibetan “Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint” is a very refreshing course. The main ingredients used for preparing the “Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint” are: large egg yolk, rice vinegar, sour cream, cucumber, mint leaves and buttermilk. The yolk and vinegar are mashed in a bowl until it becomes a smooth paste. Next step is to mix the smooth paste with the sour cream. The cucumber, the mint and the salt are blended until they become smooth. “Churu” is a traditional cheese soup made of onion, paprika, minced garlic and ginger, beef, chili, vegetable oil, blue cheese, tomato, water and cornstarch. The onions are fried in a large saucepan until they are brown. Next, the fried onions are mixed with the paprika, the pepper, the garlic and the ginger and later the beef is added. When the mixture is melted, the water and the tomatoes are added.

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