Trinidad Tobago appetizers are made by combining ingeniously all kind or ingredients or flavors. Basically, a typical Trinidad Tobago appetizer should be light or semi-light, not very studgy and cooked in such way to represent a preview of the following main dish. Arepas, a specific appetizer for this country, is made combining cornmeal, butter, lard baking powder and salt. This combination is made like dough and in the end it should be filled with ground beef (or chicken) and fried in oil. A more sophisticated dish served also as an appetizer is called Pig’s Foot Souse. This is made with pig feet, cut into small pieces, garlic, onion, limes and some peeled cucumbers. To add some extra flavor and a spicy taste put a lot of hot pepper. In the end this dish is garnished with chopped parsley or sliced watercress. People who have tasted it say it is bettere to serve it cooled and with some beer.

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