The most popular appetizer is the Turkish Zucchini Fritters, named “Kabak Mucveri” in Turkish language. This appetizer is eaten hot or cold. The Turkish Zucchini Fritters are made of spring and yellow onions, fresh dill, fresh parsley, feta cheese, four eggs, a coup of flour, some pepper, olive oil and zucchini, of course. It will take around 15 minutes for its preparation. Besides all these ingredients, some chefs are adding tomatoes or boiled eggs in order to make it a more consistent dish or to give it a different taste. This tasteful appetizer can be served with a garlic sauce made of lemon juice, yogurt and chopped garlic. The Olive Pita is another delicious Turkish appetizer, made of olive oil, black chopped olives, crushed garlic, onion, salt and pita breads. The Olive Pita is served hot as a starter before lunch or dinner, or even as a snack between meals. The Turkish Meat Balls, called “Kofta” are traditional appetizers made of lamb. These delicious patties contain also as main ingredients eggs, olive oil, breadcrumbs and parsley, garlic, dried mint, salt and pepper. The recipe can be modified a bit by replacing the lamb with beef, for those who don’t like lamb.

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