Turkish sweets are well known all over the world for their delicious taste. The sweets have a great importance in the Turkish culture and religion. The “Halvah” is a sweet that is offered in special occasions of major changes in people’s lives like: a birth, death, weding, going to army and settling a new home. The well known religious event, the Ramadan has the popular name of Seker Bayrami which can be translated as the “Sugar holiday” being the capstone to the lavish desserts. The Turkish desserts have a great taste and also the visual impact and their presentation is amazing. The Turkish cuisine evolved since the Ottoman Empire. Some of the Turkish sweets where inherited from the ancient civilization of Anatolia. Most Turkish desserts are made of honey which is making them very delicious. Not only the honey has a big importance in creating the Turkish sweets, but fruits have their special place too. The compotes will add to desserts a nice taste of fruits. Milk based deserts are another Turkish specialty. In Turkish cuisine there is a wide variety of pudding recipes. The Baklava is the most popular Turkish dessert known all over the world.

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