Most of the Turkish meat dishes are based on Lamb and chicken meat because Turkey has an Islamic tradition that forbids the pork meat consumption. Lamb Casserole is preheated at 350 degrees and prepared with garlic, potatoes, pepper and onions. You have to sauté the meat for 15 minutes to make it tender. It’s going to be served as a main course with pilaf and salad. Meatballs filled with spices and nuts are a traditional meal which can be found even in international restaurants . The nuts are adding a great flavor to the meat even if the meatballs are going to be a little bit spicy. “Pastrima” is a preserved meat that in the Ottoman period was salted and spiced and dried into the sun. For the “Shish Kebab”, popular in all Turkish regions, the meat is put in a mixture of milk, onions, olive oil, tomato paste, salt and pepper and it can be served at lunch or dinner with pilaf or with vegetables. The Turkish cuisine has also some Greek influences and it most developed in the Ottoman period, that’s why most Turkish dishes will introduce you into the oriental cooking style.

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