The Turkish snacks are well known all over the world. There is even a Turkish pizza made with lamb, tomatoes and onions. Kebab is a grilled meat and the “Shish Kebab” is like a skewer with meat pieces in a metal stick which are grilled. Another well known snack is the “Doner Kebab”. The meat pieces are on a stick in the vertical position which is rotated over on opened fire to be warm and roasted. The surface is cut into tiny flakes that fall into a piece of bread. Two other excellent Turkish snacks are the “Pide” and “Kumpir”. The “Pide” is a bread baguette type that is opened at one side and is filled with meat and vegetables. The “Pide” can be backed in the oven and served into thin sections. The “Kumpir” is a big potato which is cooked and served with its peel still on, but it has an opening at his back that is filled with salads, spices, meat and fish. It’s a very tasty snack because all the flavors are mixing with the potato and with the condiments inside of it. The Turkish meat balls are called “Kofte” and they taste great, coming in various recipes, made of lamb, or chicken meat.

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