The Turkish cuisine contains a wide range of soups that are made after old recipes. For example, the yogurt soup appeared in the old days when there were no refrigerators and the milk from the soup transformed quickly into yogurt. This soup is made of rice, salt, water, flour, egg, butter, mint and of course the main ingredient, the yogurt. The flour is mixed with the yogurt and the eggs. The rice is boiled for about 40 minutes and after that, the water is separated from it. In the melted butter it’s added the mint which will be sprinkled over the soup. The “Tarhana” soup it’s made of dry tarhan, water, salt, butter, mint and red pepper. The tarhan will be dissolved into the water and after the butter, mint and red pepper are mixed together, it will be added to the soup. Pre-cooked meat, chickpeas, dried white beans and green pepper can be also added to this soup. Turkish soups are made of fresh vegetables, meat and flavored with the finest seasonings. Turkish soups are healthy and consistent and also easy to prepare.

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