The most popular Turkish vegetarian dish is the Bulgur and Vermicelli Pilav. This Asian Pilaf is made of bulgur wheat, vermicelli, butter, salt and pepper. The butter is heated and mixed with the onions until it becomes creamy. The vermicelli are cut into small pieces and added to the creamy sauce. Another Turkish vegetarian dish is the Stuffed Peppers, named “Biber Dolmasi” in Turkish language. The Turkish Stuffed Pepper contains the next ingredients: olive oil, four onions, pine nuts, grain rice, two tomatoes, salt, sugar, sweet pepper, fresh or dried parsley, dried mint, cinnamon, black pepper, a table cup of lemon juice and boiling water. Another Turkish vegetarian dish is the Turkish Red Lentil Soup. This Turkish vegetarian soup is very simple to prepare, taking about ten minutes for its preparation. The main ingredients for this soup are: around two cups of red lentils, a couple of finely chopped onions, white potatoes, paprika, salt, pepper and boiling water. Even though these Turkish vegetarian dishes mentioned above, have no meet, they are still high in proteins and consistent, having also a delicious taste and flavor. The vegetarian food is healthy and the Turkish cuisine offers a variety of delectable vegetarian recipes.

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