Culinary arts are an intrinsic part of the Ukrainian culture, and a meal is often considered incomplete without a good desert. The sweetness of the dessert is meant to compensate for the salty and often spicy dishes served for the main course. Here are some of the desserts you can expect to find in a Ukrainian restaurant or in a traditional home: Christmas Poppy Seed Rolls, Cinnamon Walnut Crescents, Coffee Torte, Cottage Cheesecake. The delicious traditional Ukrainian dessert of Varenyky (Dumplings) is well known in al the different parts of the country, while Dried Fruit Candy desserts are also popular. Easter also gets its specific share of desserts, such as Easter Babka, Easter Cheesecake with Raisins or Easter Paska. Most of the Ukrainian desserts are easy to prepare and have their roots in recipes that go back hundreds of years ago.

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