Pechenya is the general name given in Ukraine to pork, veal, beef or lamb roast meat. Different Ukrainian dishes use game meat as part of the ancient heritage of the hunter families of Ukraine - hare, quail, wild boar and moose are often part of some of the most delicious dishes prepared by Ukrainian chefs today. Fish – or ryba is often prepared with a flour crust, while studynets contain a deliciously preserved jellied fish meat. Kasha hrechana zi shkvarkamy is another popular meat dish that contains bacon and cereals, together with different choices of vegetables. Stew is also quite common in any Ukrainian household, and the Hungarian style goulash is well appreciated. Smoked pork, beef or chicken sausage is also used in different dishes, a fact that is more obvious in the western part of Ukraine, where the Polish influence made such meat products extremely popular. Of course, no review of Ukrainian meat dishes would be complete without mentioning salo, the traditional pig fat that Ukrainians use today. Salo consists of salted pork fat, very often without any meat content at all. Cutlets (kotliety) consist of minced meat or fish fritters and are also popular Ukrainian meal choices.

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