Ukrainian salads are very refreshing and light, usually served with dresses that enhance their taste. The delicious salads contain all sorts of vegetables, both traditional to Ukraine and imported. Whether they are a radish salad or an egg salad, most Ukrainian salads are the perfect balancing element for the somewhat heavy meat dishes served in most of the country. Here are some more salads that have spread even beyond Ukraine’s borders: from the olivye salad to vinigret or red beet root salad, pickled cucumbers (kvasheni ohirky), pickled tomatoes (kvasheni pomidory), sauerkraut (kvashena kapusta), salads are tasty and they are prepared in the most attractive visual combinations. Other salad types might include kapustianyi, marinated mushrooms, vesnianyi, oseledets, pid-shuboyu, as well as other fresh vegetable salads.

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