Uruguayan people enjoy all sorts of drinks, which are served with the meals or in between. The traditional drinks include a wide range of sweet refreshments and coffees, like cafe cortado (strong coffee with milk), cafe con leche (half coffee, half milk). Coffee is drunk from very small cups, as it is rather strong. The wines are usually served in combinations, like the medio y medio (a mixture of white wine with sparkling wine) and clerico, (which is made of white wine and fruit juice). Just like in Argentina, mate is a traditional drink. This drink is served on all occasions, hours and by everybody, almost as frequent as water. Mate is a sweet drink made of yerba plants and drank with a straw from a customized spherical bowl. Tea is consumed a lot, especially herbal tea, which used to be drunk commonly from a gourd with silver straw (today there are individual teacups).

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