Nowadays, the traditional Uruguayan cuisines include one of world’s largest spectrums of beef dishes and beef as base for mix meals, such as parillada, bife lomo, vacio, chivitos, morcilla or chorizo, which are prevalent all over Uruguay and consumed on all special occasions. Uruguayan cuisine also varies in mixtures, thick and rich soups, creative salads, light garnishes and milky desserts. The famous chimichurri sauce, with olive oil, vinegar, salt, crushed garlic, minced parsley, cumin, paprika, chili powder, oregano, crushed bay leaves, bell pepper, onion and peeled and chopped tomatoes is served on almost anything Uruguay has a rather uniform cuisine, spread all over the country. Dishes like currasco, chivitos, parillada, chaja cake, herbal tea, clevico drink, the traditional Argentinean cuisine (dulche de leche, chimichurri, various pastries with fillings), Spanish food (Puchero stew) and Italian specialties can be found all over Uruguay, as they all have deep roots in the culinary Uruguayan background.

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