The beef is the most important meat meal, but there are also a lot of kinds of sausages. Some of the meals that include the beef meat are the churrascos, which is a grilled steak, the parillada, a beef platter and the chivitos (steak sandwiches with lettuce, bacon, eggs, cheese and tomatoes). A Spanish meat dish is the puchero, which is a meat based stew and an Italian dish that Uruguayans love is the meat lasagna. Besides these, other traditional Uruguayan meat meals include the Asado-Uruguayan barbeque, torta de fiambre and pastel de carne. The barbeque is a very complex and rich meal, made of the traditional sausages called chorizo and the morcilla ones, kidney, stuffed intestines (chinchulin), spiced meat in a membrane (Pamplona), spiced liver and provolone cheese. This meal is served with the Russian salad and the chimichurri. Torta de fiambre is the name for ham and cheese squares and pastel de carne is the local name for the traditional meat pie.

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