Vegetarian people eat in Uruguay salads, fried veggies and non milk and non egg pastas. The Uruguayan people have their own French fries, called the potato frittata (fried potatoes), which are cut into thin layers and fried in a large skillet until they get slightly brown. After that, onion and eggs are added to the meal (vegetarians exclude the eggs). Another great vegetarian meal is the pasta puttanesca, which includes spaghetti al dente, sauté of onions with olive oil, capers, canned archives, black olives and basil leaves. The result is a very unique black colored sauce, flavored with the olives` taste. Uruguayan vegetarians eat many salads, too. One of the most consumed salads is the ensalada rusa (Russian salad), which is made of potatoes, English peas, carrots and sometimes mayo is added. The potatoes are boiled and then integrated in the salad and then cut into cubes, but the salad in served cold.

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