There are many Uzbek appetizers in the cuisine of Uzbekistan. They are cooked in the true Uzbek traditional essence. Some of the most popular Uzbek appetizers that you are most likely to find are: the Yakhna Gosht - Boiled Meat, Khassip - Homemade Sausage, Piyozli Kazy - Horse Sausage with Onions, Kovurilgan Balik - Fried Fish, Yakhna Til - Boiled Tongue, and the favourite Buglama Kovoq - Steamed Pumpkin. Most of the Uzbek appetizers are served along with some kind of their traditional beverage, soft drink or their traditional tea. It is not hard neither is it time consuming to prepare these scrumptious appetizers. In Uzbekistan, these appetizers are commonly seen being served to guests in a small gathering or small tea or brunch parties. They are very traditional and made in the finest of all delicacies, you will surely enjoy not only preparing them, but also serving and eating them.

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