The Uzbek cuisine has abundant dessert dishes. Many of them are made with fine delicacy and taste simply so great that they are actually mouth-watering. Kholvaitar, which is a ‘liquid halvah’, is quite prominently served after the main course meals. Nishalda, Un Talkon, Shakarli Bodom (sugar coated almonds), Magiz Kholva (sugared Apricot seeds), Khorazm Pahlamasi, Khorem Baklava, Anjir Murrabossi (which is a fig jam),and the Bekhi Murrabossi (Quince jam) are some of the very popular desserts in the cuisine of Uzbekistan. These desserts and many more of such kind are made in the traditional Uzbek manner of preparing their cuisine and they are truly one of a kind. Most of the desserts in the Uzbek cuisine are served on special occasions, in gatherings, along with tea, and sometimes with main meal courses. They are very easy to prepare and truly enjoyable to have.

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