The Uzbek meat dishes are truly oriental and savouring in the truest forms of the word. There are hundreds of meat dishes in the Uzbek cuisine, and all of them have a unique delicacy to them. Some of the most prominent Uzbek meat dishes are: Dimlama Kabob, Tovuk Kabob - Chicken Kebab, Jigar Kabob - Liver Kebab, Kiyma Kabob - Minced Kebab, Kabob - Shish Kebab, Bulgori Dulma - Stuffed Bell Peppers, Karam Dulma - Stuffed Cabbage, Kovatok Dulma - Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas), Kovurma - Stewed Meat, Halim - Wheat Porridge, Moshkichiri - Mung Bean Porridge, Shavlya - Rice Porridge with Meat, Tovukli Palov - Pilaff with Chicken, Nuhatli Palov - Pilaff with Chickpeas, Kovatok Palov - Pilaff with Stuffed Grape Leaves, Kovurma Palov - Kashkadarin Pilaff, Sofakli Palov - Samarkand Pilaff, Sarimsokli Palov - Pilaff with Garlic, Behili Palov - Pilaff with Qunices, and the favourite Kovurma Palov - Ferghana Pilaff. The Uzbek meat dishes are very scrumptious in taste and are easy to cook, though some on the dishes might be a little time consuming as in some of the meat dishes the meat requires to be very tender, and for that it needs to be simmered for quite some time before serving it.

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