The recipes in the Uzbek cuisine are not generally hot and fiery, though they are certainly very favourable. Some of the most common ingredients that you will find in the Uzbek recipes are principle spices such as the black cumin, red and black peppers, barberries, coriander and sesame seeds. The more common herbs are cilantro (which is fresh coriander), dill, parsley, celeriac, and basil. Other seasonings include wine vinegar, liberally applied to salads and marinades, and fermented milk products. In general you will find many recipes in the Uzbek cuisine which have mutton as one of the basic ingredient as it is a preferred source of protein in the Uzbek diet. Beef and horsemeat are also consumed in substantial quantities in the Uzbek recipes. Camel and goat meat are less common. In the cuisine of Uzbekistan you will most definitely find a lot of recipes related to bread’. Bread is actually holy for the Uzbek people. This is an Uzbek traditional belief. Nevertheless, you will find many recipes related to various kinds of breads in the cuisine of Uzbekistan..

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