There are some very unique and scrumptious Uzbek soups in the cuisine of Uzbekistan. Most of them have fresh vegetables, egg whites, cheese toppings, and you will be surprised to see that in the recipes of the Uzbek soups, tomato is one of the main ingredients in almost all of the Uzbeks soups. Some of the most common and popular Uzbek soups from the Uzbek cuisine are: Nukhot Shurva - Pea Soup with meat, Kaintama Shurva – Meant and vegetable stew, Ajabsanda - Vegetable Stew, "Samarkand" Dimlamasi - Samarkand Stew, Kovurma - Stewed Meat, Karam Dulma - Stuffed Cabbage and popular Uzbek vegetarian “Layer” stew- Domlama. Some of the soups have meat and vegetables with coriander and green chili garnishing. The Uzbek cuisine is beyond doubt very authentic and traditional. The Uzbek soups are made in the true Uzbek traditional manner and are very delicious indeed. They are commonly served before the start of the main meal course.

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