You will find many vegetarian dishes in the Uzbek cuisine. Surprisingly, if you ask an Uzbek, he or she will not be quite fond of simple vegetarian dishes, and therefore even in some of the traditional vegetarian dishes, a bit of meat is put in the dishes. One of the popular vegetarian Uzbek dishes is: the Uzbek Vegetarian ‘Layer’ Stew- Domlama. This is a vegetarian must; it is a delightful and succulent stew of potatoes, carrots, turnips, tomatoes, garlic, red peppers and cabbage with a touch of cumin. The secret to this great Uzbek vegetarian dish is that the Uzbeks traditionally put all the vegetables in layers and while they simmer for quite some time, each of the vegetable ingredients fully absorbs flavours of all the other vegetables. There are a few more vegetarian dishes in the Uzbek cuisine. Most of them have potatoes as the primary ingredient in the dish. Most of the vegetarian dishes are also boiled rather than cooked. It is quite easy to prepare a vegetarian dish out of the Uzbek cuisine, and most of them are very delicious if you have the knack for true authentic vegetarian cuisine.

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