One of the most popular Venezuelan appetizers is the “Quasacaca Salsa de Venezuela”. For the preparation of this traditional appetizer, all the ingredients have to be hand chopped. The Salsa is usually used for the “Arepas”, a delicious salad. The main ingredients for this Venezuelan appetizer are: a tomato, an onion, two seeded avocados, minced pepper, chopped cilantro leaves, two teaspoons of lemon juice, salt and hot sauce. The vegetables have to be chopped and mixed together, then chilled for about three/four hours. Another delicious Venezuelan appetizer is the Oven Baked Sweet Plantains. This appetizer is low in fats and it’s indicated in low fat and calories diets. The main ingredients are four ripe plantains and a cooking spray. The oven should be preheated, the ends of the plantains and the peel cut off. Next step is to cut each plantain in thin slices .The tops have to be coated with cooking spray. Next, the ingredients are baked in the oven for about twenty minutes. The Ham Bread or the “Pan de Jamon” is a specialty of the Venezuelan cuisine. This appetizer is made of sugar, butter, warm milk, flour, ham, smoked bacon, olives, raisins, eggs and water.

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